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Performing Aotearoa

Over the last three decades of the twentieth century, theatre and drama in Aotearoa/New Zealand have experienced remarkable growth. This groundbreaking anthology of essays and interviews attempts to document the diversity of these multiple dramatic voices and performative dimensions, as they reflect the evolving New Zealand identity in an age of transition moving towards twenty-first century globalization. This comprehensive volume comprises a wide range of chapters focusing on key figures in the development of New Zealand theatre and drama, such as, among others, Robert Lord, Ken Duncum, Gary Henderson, Stephen Sinclair, Hone Kouka, Briar-Grace Smith, Jacob Rajan, Lynda Chanwai-Earle, Nathaniel Lees, and Victor Rodger. It is hoped that this volume will shed light on a hitherto neglected field of the canon of English-language drama. By extension, the issues discussed in this anthology will provide new vistas from which to study the postcolonial condition in the wider context of the contemporary Commonwealth.

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