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French for Business and International Careers- Vocabulary - Stylistics - Culture

This lively, contemporary reader and reference work offers a wide array of information about France today and the French-speaking world, ranging far beyond «business French» and office procedures. Serious topics are treated in depth on the basis of original source material. Engineers, managers, diplomats, translators and teachers will find here a valuable interdisciplinary, self-teaching tool and reference work. Advanced undergraduates and graduate students will enrich their technical vocabulary while broadening their cultural horizons. The student who can offer a potential employer professional skills and French is outstripped by the one who can do business and discuss present-day issues in French. This reader facilitates such a leap. The book shows thereby the way not only to the first job but to the extended outlook necessary for international management.

ISBN : 9780820405131
Author : Prof. W.P. Lewis
Format : Softcover
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